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Jade and Jackal is a unique private tattoo studio
specializing in Quality Eco Friendly Tattooing.
located downtown Calgary.


Tattoo studio downtown Calgary,

Specializing in quality

Eco Friendly Tattooing.

Appointment only to ensure our clients get our full attention.

The environment is supportive, artistic and relaxing.

Unique custom tattoos, sterile and comfortable space that makes you want to come back for more. We have art for sale, shop merch and Tattoo After care products.


Each of our Calgary tattoo artists are unique, please feel free to click on the Artist to see more of their work and learn a bit more about them.

Green Leaves


Your healing process matters to us and here at Jade and Jackal we make sure you have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to caring for your tattoo.


proudly supporting Canadian companies

These are the places we use the most.

Panda's Tattoo Elixir!

The Best Natural Tattoo Cleanser on the market

Available at Jade and jackal

Panda wanted to create a natural tattoo cleanser that her clients could trust. She worked hard to develop a safe, vegan, and natural product, avoiding harsh chemicals found in other options.

This isn't just a great tattoo cleanser it also helps your tattoos to heal faster then ever before.


Her efforts paid off as her clients loved it and saw great results. Now, she aims to make it available to everyone, switching to eco-friendly glass bottles that can be refilled to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. Now Available in both 100ml & 200ml bottles.

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