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With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Panda has been able to hone her skills to create beautiful pieces of art that will last a lifetime. 


Panda's style is always changing and evolving. When she is not creating for clients she's creating for herself. Panda's broad range of styles makes it easier for her to work with different designs and people.


Panda is passionate about creating custom pieces that her clients will love forever. She is always open to hearing new ideas and working with her clients to create something special. So if you're looking for a unique tattoo experience with an experienced artist, come visit Jade and Jackal today!

Panda has been drawing since childhood and that love of art turned into a dream of becoming a tattoo artist. 17 Years later its safe to say it's still her dream job. Now that she has opened up her own shop she is happy every single day.

Green Leaves
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